Apply for ISHR’s Human Rights Defender Advocacy Programme

By November 23, 2017News

From ISHR (International Service for Human Rights):

Hi all,

I wanted to share the call for our big summer training programme, the Human Rights Defender Advocacy Programme (HRDAP) Рdeadline 11 December 2017.

As you may know, HRDAP is a two-week training taking place in Geneva in English. As well as receiving training modules on all the UN human rights mechanisms from a range of experts, participants will have the opportunity to build networks in Geneva and around the world, carry out lobbying of UN member States and UN staff, and learn from peers from all regions working on a variety of human rights issues.

HRDAP brings together defenders from across the globe, in particular LGBTI defenders, defenders working in migrant rights, in business and human rights, and defenders working to reclaim civil society space for WHRDs in restrictive environments.


While the focus is Geneva, the learnings are much more widely applicable. And I think it’s important to emphasise the value of an advocate getting two weeks away from their national context, surrounded by other individuals facing similar challenges in different places, helping to build solidarity and understanding. A few former ‘HRDAPers’ are on this mailing list and can hopefully back me up on that!

Please do share this call with defenders you think would benefit from the programme! And please get in touch if you know of strong candidates who’ve applied so we can be sure to consider them closely.

Many thanks,