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Egypt: police raids private party, nine men arrested

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As reported in ILGA World’s weekly LGBulletIn:

Tuesday, January 16
Egypt: police raids private party, nine men arrested


Nine men have been imprisoned after police raided a private party in Egypt, Gay Star News wrote.

According to reports, law enforcements claimed they raided a house party in Alexandria after they received information saying ‘weird’ young men were frequently visiting an apartment, and found alleged evidence that sex parties were being held at the address.

The men were believed to be engaging in ‘debauchery’ – a behaviour that the head of Alexandria Security Directorate described as a ‘threat to public security’.

The arrests come amidst the ongoing crackdown against rainbow communities and civil society in general in Egypt, which started to intensify last September as seven persons were arrested and charged with “inciting immorality” for raising a rainbow flag at a concert in Cairo. At least 63 citizens were arrested in the weeks following the incident.

As ILGA’s State-Sponsored Homophobia reports, “sexual relations between consenting adult persons of the same sex in private are not prohibited in Egyptian law. However, as recorded the Law on the Combating of Prostitution, and the law against debauchery have been used liberally to imprison gay men in recent years.”

This latest incident is part of a government crackdown on the LGBTI community that began last year:

Namibia: Horrific hate crime against trans woman

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A horrific hate crime against a trans woman in Namibia. PAI stands in solidarity with our Namibian sisters, siblings and brothers against this unspeakable incident. Content warning: transphobic violence.
It all goes unspoken, unnoticed and unattended as Trans Diverse experiences of violations lead to self victimization and ridicule..
Mary (not real name) a self identified Trans Woman prepares herself for the evening as she had plans with friends for dinner and thereafter a social setting to just chill awaited …
Mary prepared herself and heads off for dinner .. Spends the evening in great and loving company until she heads out to a common chill spot..
The night streams through with lots of fun and assertive interactions until Mary decided to call it a night…
Mary heads out to catch a cab at around 3am… The cab driver was so friendly and willing to take her to her destination..
AS they departed from the Bar the driver took the route to the local club Chez Ntemba and picked up two male passengers.. The drive was peaceful until the car came to a stop right before the City Police office “There is a off turn to your left on Simon Dr Vet street or bridge” says Mary..
She continues explaining “The next moment I see the two passengers grabbing my cellphone and the accessories I had… And then one guy grabs me and says “it’s people like you who have caused so much evil and devil things”… ” Today I will show you how to be a man” and there all hell broke loose… They forced themselves on me while one had an object in his hand as he grabbed my private parts… They rapped me and cut a few wounds on this toy between my legs”
Mary’s tears started rolling down her cheeks as she narrated her ordeal… She fumes as she cries and speaks out loud in reflection of previous experiences she had… “I can’t… this is just too much.. Why me?”
Trans Diverse persons in Namibia have endured and experienced gross violations, as Mary again chose not to report her case because she sees no relevance to advance a case that will not move anywhere…
Mary continues to share “I want nothing to do with any legal process or anything- I want nothing” she says as SHE sits back in her seat, eyes swollen from crying yet tears linger within..
It took so much to break through to Mary to atleast take up health services however we finally got to an agreement. Upon accessing services at Katutura Hospital- a whole process took place which spiralled so much fear in navigating the health care team and system itself to ensure access to services were attained for Mary.
The nurse’s and doctor found themselves in a situation where we first had to do instant sensitization and calming. This approach was to ensure Mary is still comfortable irrespective of the reactions we got.
This again is a manifestation that Trans Woman are still treated with phobia based on their bodies. Additionally Trans Diverse persons continue to disregard the need to access services for their wellbeing as they are entitled to it due to a number of reasons put forth by them.
“There is also this persona and fear that sharing my ordeal again would make me become a sample size of documentation in advocacy whilst cases are only taken while the services end once recorded” says Mary..
Something urgent needs to be done to raise awareness on safety in public and in private spaces… and how one can ensure that their wellbeing is taken care of as a whole…
By: Linda RM Baumann
21 January 2018
(Incident happened on Wednesday 18 January 2018- sharing and crafting the story is based on the comfort of the survivor… )
# RespectAllSurvivors #MaganoBshares

PAI Conference Update

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Pan Africa ILGA Regional Conference update: We are very excited to announce that the upcoming conference is the most popular by far!

Pan Africa ILGA in partnership with LEGABIBO will be hosting the 4th regional conference in Gaborone, Botswana from the 31st of May to 04th of June 2018.

We have received an astounding amount of interest and as the closing dates draw closer we would like to remind everyone to continue submitting abstracts and application for scholarships.

We look forward to seeing you in Gaborone.

KENYA: Group seeks to quash parts of Penal Code outlawing gay sex

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A group seeking to quash some provisions of the Penal Code that make it illegal for consensual gay and lesbian sex will call expert witnesses to support their case. Appearing before a Bench of three judges yesterday, Senior Counsel Paul Muite said they would call a psychiatrist to explain sexual orientation and why the State should not regulate matters of intimacy. …

Wits’ CSiW Institute’s Call for Papers – Enslavement, Conflict & Forced Marriage in Africa

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Wits’ CSiW (Conjugal Slavery in War) Institution’s Call for Papers on “Enslavement, Conflict and Forced Marriage in Africa: Research Methods, Research Ethics, and the Political Economy of Knowledge Production” taking place at the University of Witwatersrand, 25-28 June 2018. We encourage PhD students, early career scholars, and other practitioners (esp. based in Africa) to apply.

This is the second Institute sponsored by the Conjugal Slavery in War research Partnership, which includes community-based and university partners. We look forward to a rich and diverse set of exchanges on the politics, methods and ethics of research in this area. If you have any questions, please email

The English call for proposals: CSIW jozi institute pitch final

The French: CSIW jozi institute pitch final_FR