Egypt: police raids private party, nine men arrested

By January 22, 2018Egypt, News

As reported in ILGA World’s weekly LGBulletIn:

Tuesday, January 16
Egypt: police raids private party, nine men arrested


Nine men have been imprisoned after police raided a private party in Egypt, Gay Star News wrote.

According to reports, law enforcements claimed they raided a house party in Alexandria after they received information saying ‘weird’ young men were frequently visiting an apartment, and found alleged evidence that sex parties were being held at the address.

The men were believed to be engaging in ‘debauchery’ – a behaviour that the head of Alexandria Security Directorate described as a ‘threat to public security’.

The arrests come amidst the ongoing crackdown against rainbow communities and civil society in general in Egypt, which started to intensify last September as seven persons were arrested and charged with “inciting immorality” for raising a rainbow flag at a concert in Cairo. At least 63 citizens were arrested in the weeks following the incident.

As ILGA’s State-Sponsored Homophobia reports, “sexual relations between consenting adult persons of the same sex in private are not prohibited in Egyptian law. However, as recorded the Law on the Combating of Prostitution, and the law against debauchery have been used liberally to imprison gay men in recent years.”

This latest incident is part of a government crackdown on the LGBTI community that began last year: