Human rights and freedom of expression violations in Egypt

By October 5, 2017News, SOGI
PAI stands in solidarity with the Arab Foundation for Equality in condemning the escalating human rights violations against the LGBTI community in Egypt, perpetrated by government and the media, and we call on our members and human rights organisations in Africa and the rest of the world to pressure the Egyptian state to desist from these abuses.
In a statement from the Arab Foundation, “During the past week, the Egyptian state arrested Egyptian citizens for raising a rainbow flag during a concert organized by a band, “Mashrou’ Leila”, on Friday, September 22, 2017. The local media supported these arrests by publishing numerous articles and interviews encouraging hate speech against groups and individuals that have gender non-conforming identities and sexual orientations, especially targeting LGBT people in Egypt. These provoking articles invaded most news and social media platforms.” To read more: 
PAI will publish a press release in the next few days.