Pan Africa Regional LGBTI Conference 2016 Theme Launch

By January 22, 2016News, PAI Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Friday , 22 January 2016

                            Pan Africa Regional LGBTI Conference 2016 

Theme: Breaking Ground and Building Bridges

 Johannesburg, South Africa – Today the International Pan Africa ILGA and Iranti- Org announced final dates for the 3rd Pan Africa ILGA Regional Conference (PAI 2016), which will be13-18May2016.  In May 2016 Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) will host its third regional conference where a hundred and seventy five participants (delegates of member organizations and allies) will (i) discuss a common regional strategy to achieve change in policies discriminating people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, (ii) review and consider amendments to its constitution  while (iii) exchanging best practices, sharing success and opportunities for effective advocacy on the continent of Africa as well receiving advocacy training in relation to relevant regional (ACHPR) and international (UN) bodies and  acquiring the tools to strengthen PAI in fulfilling its role as regional federation.

The call for a conference of PAI is imbedded in its constitution which stipulates that the organization must hold a biennial general assembly of its members and  is the result of needs expressed by the membership and of the current fragmentation experienced by the African LGBTI movement, particularly in relation to its advocacy capacity both at regional and international level. By holding a conference, open both to member organisations and to allies, PAI wants to draw attention to the importance of a regional, membership based and democratically organized LGBTI organization as the best platform for all African LGBTI groups to coordinate their activities.  The last PAI conference was held in April 2014 In Nairobi, Kenya and brought together 100 delegates.

We Look forward to welcoming you all to Johannesburg!

Latheem Nair Gabriels
Communications Officer, PAI