We're hiring an Admin and Membership Officer!
Admin and Membership Officer This position will suit a flexible, experienced and articulate candidate who works well in a team, is target driven, hardworking, and works well under pressure and tight deadlines. The successful candidate will be expected to conduct administrative duties to ensure smoot...
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Entretien avec le directeur exécutif de Pan Africa ILGA
Nate Brown, directeur exécutif de Pan Africa ILGA s'adresse à notre reporter itinérant après ce qui a été la plus grande conférence LGBTIQ+ jamais organisée sur le continent africain Q: Je comprends que la 5e conférence régionale de PAI qui s'est tenue la semaine dernière du 27 au 31 aoû...
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Interview with the Executive Director of Pan Africa ILGA
Nate Brown, Executive Director of Pan Africa ILGA spoke to Roving Reporter after what has been the biggest LGBTIQ+ conference ever on the African Continent Q: I understand that the PAI 5TH Regional Conference held last week from 27th to 31st August  was the biggest LGBTIQ+ conference ever on the Af...
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Q&A with Kevin Mwachiro, moderator of the panel on Intersectionality of Struggles: Embracing Social Justice
Q: This is the first virtual PAI conference and so perhaps to start off, you can comment on the impact of Covid-19 on movement building and the intersectionality of struggles?   A: Individual nation states have been hit hard at a local level but the impact has also been felt across countries and mo...
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LGBTIQ+ advocate and lawyer, Juliet Ulanmo, who will moderate the panel: Being Different in a Global Pandemic, is an activist to the marrow.  She fields calls that come in thick and fast throughout our conversation. “One of the things we are hoping to achieve with this panel is to see how organis...
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THE CONVERSATION COMMENCES … a series of articles taking us to PAI’S 5TH Regional Conference which will be held from Friday 27 August – Tuesday 31 August 2021
We speak to Programme Director, Anthony Oluoch Q: How did the theme Reclaiming Our Past: Defining Our Future come about?   A: It was the theme for the conference that was supposed to take place last year in Ghana. It is also the theme of the first panel discussion, which I am co-moderating.  We pl...
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Open Letter: We Need a World Class Leader at the Helm of the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
President Joseph R. Biden Jr.The White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave NWWashington, DC 20500 Dear President Biden: We are writing today as civil society organizations from around the world out of grave concern for your Administration’s continued delays in appointing a U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, the...
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A Collective Statement Release on the “Ho 21”
We join fellow human rights defenders across the African continent and the globe to celebrate the release of the 21 activists and members of the LGBTI+ Community in Ghana who have been finally granted bail since their arrest and detention on May 20th, 2021.  They spent 22 days and 21 nights in ...
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