5th Regional Conference 2020

10 Nov 2019

Postponement Notice/ Avis de report

Please note the following statement with regard to the postponement of the PAI Conference.

Veuillez noter la déclaration suivante concernant le report de la conférence PAI.

5th Regional Conference 2020
27th of July 2020 – 31st of July 2020

5ème Conférence Régionale
27 juillet 2020 – 31 juillet 2020




Pan Africa ILGA Donor Pre-Conference

Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) will partner with Pan Africa ILGA to organise a one-day donor pre-conference for grant makers invested in Africa's LGBTQI human rights movements. If you are a funder, you can express your interest in participating in the donor pre-conference by signing up for more info here:

Looking Back to Our Roots –
Reclaiming Our Rights


Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) announces our 5th Regional Conference, 27 – 31 July 2020 in Accra, Ghana. This will the first PAI conference in West Africa. Ghana’s history as the centre of Pan Africanist thought and ideas, holds special significance for PAI. The SANKOFA Bird, a historic national symbol of Ghana has been chosen as our logo. The symbol speaks to the importance of going back to fetch that which should not be left behind, find knowledge in our past, and build a future. Thus, we will be: Looking Back to Our Roots – Reclaiming Our Rights!

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Regardant en Arrière Vers Nos Racines - Revendiquant Nos Droits


Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) annonce notre 5ème Conférence Régionale, qui se tiendra du 27 au 31 juillet 2020 à Accra, Ghana. La conférence sera la première conférence de PAI en Afrique de l'Ouest. L'histoire du Ghana en tant que centre de la pensée et des idées panafricanistes , est particulièrement signifiante pour PAI. L'oiseau SANKOFA, symbole national historique du Ghana, a été choisi comme logo. Le symbole montre l'importance de retourner chercher ce qu'il ne faut pas laisser derrière nous, de trouver des connaissances dans notre passé et d'en construire un avenir. Et ainsi, nous le serons : Regardant en Arrière Vers nos Racines - Revendiquant nos Droits !

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  • REGISTRATION forms will be uploaded by January 2020.
  • DEADLINE for submission Friday 28 February 2020.
  • COUNTDOWN BEGINS to PAI's 5th Regional Conference in Accra, Ghana, July 2020.
  • PAGE URL: panafricailga.org/5th-regional-conference-2020

Thank you for your patience.

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