African Human Rights Mechanisms

10 Nov 2019

The African continent has been taken over by a storm of anti-LGBT sentiment. This can be seen in the homophobic and rights-violating legislations that have been passed by the governments of Uganda and Nigeria. African states continue to maintain anti-sodomy laws that are now being strengthened by further criminalization of LGBT people.

While in-country legislation continues to get harsher against LGBT persons, it is worth noting the positive developments at the African Commission of People and Human Rights (ACHPR). Organizations working on SOGIE issues have expressed the need for capacity building on engaging with the United Nations mechanisms. Visibility of African LGBT issues at the United Nations and the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights also needs to be encouraged. As a space that grants organizations the opportunity to hold their governments accountable, support and skills development to access and navigate this space is paramount. With the recent ACHPR on sexual orientation and gender identity, activists also need to take advantage of the willingness of an African human rights institution to flag SOGIE issues as a priority. A long term African strategy on engaging with these bodies is as important as the training on how to advocate within these spaces. Any intervention needs to take into account the importance of sustaining visibility of LGBT issues and activists in these spaces. PAI is committed to providing a space for dialogue on strategies and creating leadership of activists at the United Nations and the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights within the African movement.

Project Objectives

  • To equip 15 SOGIE rights activists with knowledge and skills to engage the existing international and regional human rights mechanisms;
  • To develop some understanding of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights;
  • To facilitate the development of organization specific advocacy strategies on engaging with the ACHPR;
  • To facilitate the development of a collective strategy on SOGIE advocacy at the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights.

Project Scope

  • This training will bring together African activists from states that are due for review at the next ACHPR session;
  • This training will be delivered in both French and English (simultatneous translation will be provided);
  • This training will prioritize organizations that have a history of working at the 2ACHPR and those organizations that are interested in this advocacy.


This training took place September-October 2015 over 2 ½ days.

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