10 Nov 2019

Pan Africa ILGA is the largest membership based and democratically organised LGBTIQ+ federation in Africa. PAI currently consists of over 150 African organisations and 40 international organisations working on human rights and equality for LGBTIQ+ people.

How to become a member:

Please be aware that only organisations (not individuals) can apply for membership. At its next meeting, the Executive Board of ILGA will review your membership and you will receive communication as to the status of your application.

As a member organisation of PAI, your organisation would benefit from news we share via email about:

  • calls for papers, local and international conference invites, announcements from donors and other opportunities we share with you;
  • capacity-building programmes and training;
  • the opportunity to create a network with other organisations across the African continent in order for our movement and the work each organisation does to have maximum impact, and creating a platform for your organisation to make its voice heard;
  • and, access to knowledge and experience from our members and ally organisations that will grow your organisation and its influence within your country and the continent.

As a member organisation you will be able to contribute to the strategic direction of Pan Africa ILGA through being able to vote at the bi-annual AGM for a new PAI Board, the host country for our bi-annual Regional Conference, and on changes to our Constitution.

Apply for membership by visiting our international website application page on

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