Pan Africa ILGA statement on the decriminalisation of same sex judgement in Botswana

30 Nov 2021

Featured Image credit: LEGABIBO

Johannesburg Tuesday, November 30th. Pan Africa ILGA joins the Lesbians Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (LEGABIBO) and the LGBTIQ+ community across the continent to welcome and celebrate the decision of the Botswana Court of Appeal to uphold an earlier decision by a lower court that decriminalises same-sex.

The historical decision upheld yesterday declared sections 164 and 167 of the Botswana Penal Code unconstitutional. The sections that were declared unconstitutional would have made same-sex relationships illegal leading to the further discrimination of the LGBTIQ+ community in Botswana.

“2021 has been a very overwhelming year for the LGBTIQ+ community across the continent. The community continues to be threatened by nonprogressive laws and bills in countries like Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, among others. The historic decision by the Botswana Court of Appeal is one of the most positive landmarks to be documented on the continent this year.” Nate Brown, the Executive Director of Pan Africa ILGA, mentioned.

Pan Africa ILGA continues to work with member organisations across the continent to advocate for a change in policies, societal practices, and more that lead to increased forms of violence against LGBTIQ+ communities, non-provision of health information and services. These continue to further lead to challenges such as mental health, increased HIV prevalence, and in some cases, hate crimes that lead to death.

“This incredible development from Botswana should inspire countries across the African continent to do the same. All forms of human rights violations against the LGBTIQ+ community are not acceptable. We should all work to ensure that all laws and policies that are unjust and target LGBTIQ+ communities are repealed. Criminalisation of same-sex sexual relations and blocking people’s access to essential services, including to health care in Africa and across the world in uncalled for in this century.” Barbra Wangare, the PAI Board Co-Chair.


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