18 May 2021

Reclaiming Our Past – Defining Our Future

AFRICA, 27 – 31 AUGUST 2021

Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) announces our 5th Regional Conference and 1st Virtual Conference to be held on Friday 27 – Tuesday 31 August 2021.

We welcome everyone wherever you are to join us at our first virtual conference, designed to connect our members and allies across the continent and the world.

PAI plays an especially important role in LGBTIQ+ organising across the African continent and holds strong Pan Africanist thought and ideas. We operate as a network of more than 256 organisations from all five regions of the continent.

Our theme Reclaiming Our Past – Defining Our Future places focus on what is not named: Our Present. The current landscape of LGBTIQ+ activism needs to be viewed in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that this is the opportune time for all vulnerable and liminal groups to define their future. We, as the African LGBTIQ+ sector, need to strengthen our collective vision into one that always places people at the center. A vision based on social justice where access to economic opportunities, political participation and social rights is prioritised. A future that entails a wholesome existence in spite of the marginalisation and discrimination we face in our countries. We need to reflect on this vision to enable us to define our future from an unapologetically African point of view with unapologetic African solutions.

The South African Constitution was the first in the world to recognise LGBTIQ+ rights and outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. This is why PAI chose Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa as the venue for the PAI 5th Regional Conference. All conference events will be streamed across the continent and the world from this historic site.

Join us for the PAI 5TH Regional Conference, our 1st Virtual Conference – and let us reclaim our past and define our future as a movement.


Pan Africa ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association), known as PAI, is a network of organisations in Africa working to improve human rights of individuals on all grounds, including sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sex characteristics.

The PAI Board

  • Nnedinma Ulanmo: Co-Chair
  • Sheba Akpokli: Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Henshaw: Alternate Co-Chair
  • Sandra Kwikiriza: Treasurer Barbra Wangare: Secretary
  • Frida Wahrania: Member
  • Peter Njane: Interim Member McLean Kabwe: Interim Member


In order to address our main theme, we have created sub-themes that speak to different topics and are representative of the diversity within the African LGBTIQ+ movement.

  • Reclaiming Our Past : Defining Our Future
  • Being Different in a Global Pandemic
  • Mental Health : Breaking the Silence
  • Decriminalisation : Within and Beyond the Law
  • Devoutly Queer : Religion and Our Sexualities
  • Intersectionality of Struggle : Embracing Social Justice


The PAI Board and Secretariat invites you to apply for a space at the PAI 5th Regional Conference. To do this you need to fill in the REGISTRATION FORM on the PAI Website, stating whether you will be requiring a Bursary for Data, or contributing to PAI’s Bursary Scheme.

Registration and the Call for Abstracts will open on MONDAY 10 MAY 2021.

Closing date for all Registration and Submission of Abstracts is: MONDAY 31 MAY 2021

Notification [by PAI office] for Registration and Acceptance of Abstracts is: MONDAY 05 JULY 2021


  • Strict confidentiality will be observed regarding registration and participation. Codes will be generated for participation online.
  • Information on using the virtual platforms for the conference will be sent out before the conference.

Pan Africa ILGA 5th Regional Conference - Reclaiming Our Past: Defining Our Future Abstract Submission Form

Download the announcement here in English or French

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