Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

10 Nov 2019

Pan African ILGA in partnership with ARC International and COC are committed to assisting LGBTI organizations around Africa and the world with their preparations and submission of country UPR reports and shadow reports to highlight human rights violations of their respective Governments. The capacitation of LGBTI leaders in their organization is critical in ensuring that reality based occurrences are reflected and reported during the UPR country review processes.

PAI,as part of its strategic objective to strengthen advocacy initiatives that address human rights violations of LGBTI organizations and individuals at national, regional and international levels, organizes, an annual training for LGBTI activists within the Africa region on the United Nations and its human rights mechanisms, specifically the UPR and treaty bodies.

The fist training in this area of work was held in Namibia in June 2015 and covered the following topics:

  • Introductory overview of all the UN bodies and mechanisms and how they inter-relate. The UPR process,
  • UPR reports and recommendations, Building the framework and how to write UPR reports,
  • UPR advocacy and follow-through during the review process,
  • Treaty bodies,
  • How to expand UPR reports into Treaty Body reports, and
  • Country level follow-up post-UPR/Treaty Body/SP process.

Project Objectives

  • To equip 20SOGI rights activists with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage with mechanisms of the United Nations;
  • To facilitate the development of organization specific advocacy strategies on engaging with the United Nations;
  • To facilitate the development of a collective strategy on SOGI advocacy at the United Nations;

Project Scope

  • These trainings focus on ensuring the participation of African activists from the different regions;
  • The tranings are delivered in parallel sessions of French and English due to the language differences;
  • This training programme prioritizes organizations that have a history of working at the United Nations and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and those organizations that are interested in this advocacy.
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