Reclaiming Our Past, Defining Our Future

Join us for the PAI 5TH Regional Conference, our 1st Virtual Conference – and let us reclaim our past and define our future as a movement.

Virtual Conference


We welcome everyone wherever you are to join us at our first virtual conference, designed to connect our members and allies across the continent and the world.

PAI plays an especially important role in LGBTIQ+ organising across the African continent and holds strong Pan Africanist thought and ideas. We operate as a network of more than 256 organisations from all five regions of the continent.


Our theme Reclaiming Our Past – Defining Our Future places focus on what is not named: Our Present. The current landscape of LGBTIQ+ activism needs to be viewed in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that this is the opportune time for all vulnerable and liminal groups to define their future. We, as the African LGBTIQ+ sector, need to strengthen our collective vision into one that always places people at the center. A vision based on social justice where access to economic opportunities, political participation and social rights is prioritised. A future that entails a wholesome existence in spite of the marginalisation and discrimination we face in our countries. We need to reflect on this vision to enable us to define our future from an unapologetically African point of view with unapologetic African solutions.

The South African Constitution was the first in the world to recognise LGBTIQ+ rights and outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. This is why PAI chose Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa as the venue for the PAI 5th Regional Conference. All conference events will be streamed across the continent and the world from this historic site.

Join us for the PAI 5TH Regional Conference, our 1st Virtual Conference – and let us reclaim our past and define our future as a movement.


Pan Africa ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association), known as PAI, is a network of organisations in Africa working to improve human rights of individuals on all grounds, including sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sex characteristics.


Over the next 8 weeks leading to our 5th Regional Conference, we will be introducing our team to you.

    Meet our Executive Director Nate Brown appointed as head of PAI in January 2019. Nate has a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance and BA (Hons) in Business Administration from Greenwich University, London, United Kingdom. Having grown up outside South Africa on his return Nate emerged himself in the LGBTIQ+ sector. His heart has always been set on making a meaningful contribution to human rights and social justice and strengthening the fight for human rights for all LGBTIQ+ persons. Nate welcomes everyone to PAI’s 5 th Regional Conference where PAI brings Africa Together and the World to Africa. 
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  • Challenging the Constitutionality of the Same-sex Marriage Prohibition Act (2014)

    Meet our Co-Chairperson Barrister Juliet Nnedinma Ulanmo, a legal practitioner, with extensive experience in human, sexual and LGBTIQ rights activism, and has a major interest in public interest litigation.
    Juliet is Director of  Women Initiative for Sustainable Empowerment and Equality (WISE), Kano State, Nigeria. She has served on a number of Boards in the past years including the ILGA Board, and was a steering committee member as well as interim Board member of ISDAO, the West African LGBTIQ Fund. 
    Juliet is a member of Litigation Surgery Network in Nigeria, International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) and Nigeria Bar Association (NBA). She is currently involved in challenging the Constitutionality of the Same-sex Marriage Prohibition Act (2014) in the legal case instituted by the LGBTIQ community against the Federal Government of Nigeria. 
    Juliet holds a B.L in Law from the Bayero University Kano (BUK), where she studied both the English Common Law and the Shari’ah Legal System, as well as a Call to Bar Certificate, issued by the Nigeria Legal Council. She also holds a Diploma in Public Administration, a Certificate in Psychology and Psycho-social Counselling. She is currently a Masters Degree candidate at the Nigeria Open University.

    Juliet Nnedinma Ulanmo

  • Working as Legal Assistant for a Togolese LGBTI organization called Rainbow Africa since 2013

    Meet our Co-Chairperson Sheba AKPOKLI. Sheba is a young educator and human rights activist, with a focus on sexual and reproductive rights and women's rights. A lawyer by training, she works as Legal Assistant for a Togolese LGBTI organization called Rainbow Africa since 2013. This organization specializes in issues of LGBTI rights, capacity building and anti-corruption. HIV-AIDS with MSM.
    Sheba is also a board member of the IDNOWA (Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa), which brings together activists who advocate for the integration and inclusion of LGBTI people in the spheres of society including religious.
    Since 2013 to date Sheba has been working on issues of decriminalizing same-sex relationships between consenting adults at the local, regional and international levels and has been involved in a number of studies on the subject including "mapping the LGBTQI legal environment". West Africa "and more recently on" the regional contextual analysis of the LGBTI movement in West Africa "

    Sheba AKPOKLI

  • Over 10 years of experience in trans and gender diverse advocacy

    Barbra Wangare is an African trans and queer feminist and gender minority rights activist from Kenya, East Africa. She is the Executive Director of EATHAN – East Africa Trans Health & Advocacy Network; a network of trans and gender diverse activists and organizations in East Africa. Her role at EATHAN is instrumental in representing and advocating for the voices of 26 organizations and activists in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, towards the realization of legal, medical & social gender recognition in East Africa. She has over 10 years of experience in trans and gender diverse advocacy continentally and globally and has been instrumental in the growth of the movement in Africa. She also sits on the Interim Governing Body of the African Trans Network (ATN), a network that brings together sub-regional TNB networks and organizations to collectively amplify the voices of trans and gender diverse Africans continentally and globally. She is also a Steering Committee Member of the International Trans Fund (ITF); Alternate Co-SG of ILGA World; and Board Member of Pan Africa ILGA.

    Barbra Wangare

  • Fighting various internet inequalities 

    Sandra Kwikiriza is a feminist who has over 6 years of experience in Human rights advocacy and activism, specifically focusing on LGBTQ & Womxn’s rights.
    She recently founded Her Internet based in Uganda that supports digital literacy and security for minority womxn, as well fight various internet inequalities that they experience so often. 
    She is a digital security trainer and also holds certificates in Campaign training, Media and Documentation and leadership certificates directly related to her activism for LGBTQ rights and has attended the African Women Leaders’ Institute.

    Sandra Kwikiriza

  • Worked on issues of access to health services for most-at-risk populations; stigma and discrimination; and stakeholder engagement

    McLean Kabwe who is another host of the PAI 5th Regional Conference,  is a Zambian human rights advocate, writer and wellness coach focusing on youth and marginalised people. His work in the HIV and Human Rights fields span thirteen years. During this time McLean has worked on issues of access to health services for most-at-risk populations; stigma and discrimination; and stakeholder engagement. His work has materialized in the co-formation of a local organization with other colleagues, which he sees as a vehicle through which he can increase his effectiveness in improving the lives of the most marginalized in his society. Though this experience McLean has gained a position in the country HIV response where he is Advisor on Programming for Key Populations, including transgender people and sex workers. McLean’s professional credentials include a Public Policy Certificate from Africa University, under the Open Society Initiatives Southern Africa; a TB and HIV Advocacy Certificate of Competence under AIDS Rights Alliance Southern Africa; and a Real Estate Management degree from The Copperbelt University. McLean’s other competences are in research, data collection and analysis as well as community and stakeholder capacity building. Currently, McLean is the Co-Chair of the Programme Advisory Panel for the Robert Carr Network Fund; and a Board member of the Pan Africa ILGA (PAI). 

    McLean Kabwe

Abstract Submission

Registration and the Call for Abstracts will open on MONDAY, 10 MAY 2021.

 Closing date for all Registration and Submission of Abstracts is: MONDAY, 31 MAY 2021

Notification [by PAI office] for Registration and Acceptance of Abstracts is: MONDAY 05 JULY 2021




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The PAI Board and Secretariat invites you to apply for a space at the PAI 5th Regional Conference. To do this you need to fill in the REGISTRATION FORM on the PAI Website, stating whether you will be requiring a Bursary for Data, or contributing to PAI’s Bursary Scheme.
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